Kaubōi Ramen Grand Opening Saturday May 12



We are excited to announce the Grand Opening of our latest project Kaubōi Ramen on Saturday May 12. 


Kaubōi Ramen is a meeting of two passions, Texas BBQ and ramen. Over the months since Texas Joe returned from Japan he and the team have worked tirelessly to develop a whole new style of ramen. It respects the tradition but takes it to new places. 


We are looking forward to sharing it with you.

From Saturday May 12 Kauboi Ramen will be open inside the Flying W Saloon from 12-8 Thursday-Sunday. 


12-8 Thursday to Sunday 

The Flying W Saloon

8 Snowsfields SE1 3SU



Kauboi Ramen



A slow cooked all beef bone broth with deep umami notes topped with scallions, grilled leeks, ajitama, menma, jalepeno, sweet corn and kikurage.


Texan Tonkotsu


Slow cooked pork bone broth topped with Dr. Pepper marinated slow smoked pork belly, sweet corn, leeks, scallions, menma, kikurage, ajitama and smoked jalapeno. 


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07th May 2018